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Some of our fondest memories are surrounded by delicious desserts. Meals are incomplete unless they end with a simple sweet note or an extravagant dessert! 


Our love for desserts goes way back to when we were kids. Our mothers' simple desserts were too exciting for our little hearts to even think of the possibility of "no dessert if you don't finish your meal"! Plates were almost always clean.


Home made desserts somehow have a special appeal. A home-baked chocolate fudge cake made with good quality chocolate would outshine a restaurant's one to us! 


Inspiration comes from family and friends' gatherings, whether they are weekend get-togethers, barbecue nights, Friday lunch, Ramadan iftars, holidays ect. The pleasure of being in the kitchen, whipping cream, melting chocolate, folding egg whites. The whole process of creating a dessert. The trials and errors. But even more is the pleasure if seeing friends' and family's faces quietly enjoying the desserts.


Food might only last a few greedy moments, but the memories surrounding will last a life time!

Amina & Noor Sharaf

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